Zone-In Volleyball Academy

Why play for ZIVA
Club volleyball requires a large amount of time and financial    commitment for the student-athlete and parents. We respect this commitment and are dedicated to making sure each individual gets the most out of their investment. ZIVA coaches will strive to develop fundamental skills as well as character, discipline, self-motivation, self-worth and excitement for the game. My goal is to Inspire, Motivate and Encourage, with Understanding, Attitude, and Commitment, to create Responsibility, Accountability, and Consistency. We are all striving to achieve the same goals together. ZIVA is a family where no individuals concerns are more important than our team goals. We have a responsibility of supporting each other and helping one another grow and achieve.

About ZIVA

Hi, my name is Natalie Burton and I am the Founder of ZIVA. 

I moved to Wichita Falls, TX in March of 2010 to accept the position of the Assistant Volleyball Coach at Midwestern State University. In my time here I have had the blessing of working with several local youth through private lessons, camps and clinics. I truly believe in the talent here and see the potential for growth and success of local volleyball with a dedicated organization like ZIVA.

I grew up playing volleyball in Southern California where I was born and raised. I continued my volleyball-playing career as a student-athlete at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. I was fortunate enough to play softball and volleyball at the collegiate Division 1 level and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.  I began my coaching career at a small Junior College in Marshalltown, IA in 2007. It was here that I learned, coaching is what I was called to do.  After two years I took a position as the Assistant Volleyball Coach at University of Louisiana Monroe, and one year later I came to Wichita Falls to join the MSU Mustangs volleyball coaching staff.  I was the Assistant Volleyball Coach at MSU from 2009-2012 and finished up my Masters at the Dillard College of Business.  I quickly fell in love with Wichita Falls and MSU and was grateful to call this place home.  I was then fortunate enough to become the Head Volleyball Coach at Newman University in Wichita, KS from 2013-2015  were I had the privilege of running my own program while still my twin sister Nicky Cannon remained as the Director.   I returned to Wichita Falls in 2015 to accept the Head Volleball Coach position at Midwestern State University, where I am currently in my fourth season with the Mustangs. 

ZIVA has been created out of my passion for the game of volleyball and my dedication to growing young women. I believe in the importance of learning disciplined, fundamental technique at a young age and combining this with strength training and knowledge of the game to develop the most successful volleyball player. I believe in what ZIVA stands for; “Brilliance, shine, radiant” and helping young women to shine.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” ~Matt 5:16~


ZIVA Vision, Mission, Values

“Our guiding lights for our lives and the lives that we lead.”

VISION: Where we want to be, what we want to look like:

  • - A place of elite training; Where the hard work that the players and coaches invest into proper fundamentals, strength and agility training and knowledge of the game shows in each individuals growth and achievement of their goals.
  • - A body of strong young women who’s Light shines bright in their communities.
  • - An organization where Family and God are the cornerstone of any and all successes.

MISSION: Why we are doing what we are doing, why we exist, what make us unique: Our mission is to Lift, Equip and Encourage young volleyball players. We believe in building a strong technical foundation while developing strength and knowledge about the game. We are committed to helping young women to build strong CHARACTER, PASSION for the game of volleyball and a COMMITMENT to succeed.

VALUES: What is important to us as leaders, as an organization and as individuals. How we approach, care for and develop our relationships.

  • - Service: Beyond ourselves, our leadership is directed and focused on what is best for others.
  • - Character: Integrity, trustworthy, loyal; to create depth in the relationships that will unify the organization into one that can face any challenge~together.
  • - Courageous faith: Faith in the process and preparation to achieve the vision and mission. Sticking to what we believe is right even in the face of opposition.